here are some good kettlebell exercises

With a kettlebell, you can effectively perform a whole body workout. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate at the gym, you can make use of the kettlebell in tremendous ways. The kettlebell has some way more effective exercises than the traditional dumbbells. As a fact, you can get your whole body worked up in relatively short time than any other workout out there. One of the perks of working out with a kettlebell is that you can do multiple high-intensity exercises with it at home. Whether you want to lose weight or just want power training, a kettlebell is all you need to get those muscle pumped up. So, here is our top picked best 5 kettlebell killer exercise for you.

Kettleell trainer working out

The cardiovascular + strength training kettlebell combination

This ultimate kettlebell combination is the specifically two exercises workout that will boost your cardiovascular endurance as well as give you maximum muscle strength. So, let’s get right into it.

  1. The Russian swing

The Russian-style kettlebell swing is the best one of the best kettlebell exercise out there. In this, you have to project a kettlebell to the right at your shoulder-height. The hip power and hip hinging, as well as the right breathing pattern, will make this kettlebell swing an incredibly powerful exercise. As I said earlier, it is a two-for-one exercise package, a perfect strength training and high-intensity cardiovascular conditioning into the last efficient movement.

  1. The clean kettlebell bomb

Actually quite similar to the Russian kettlebell swing but it has that bomb level intensity to lose weight and get tremendous strength in this clean exercise. Here’s what you have to do, keep the kettlebell at the finishing rack position, opposite to project the kettlebell horizontally away from some distance to your body. This clean bomb will sure take some time to learn, but the time you have mastered it right, well, fit human you are good to go to have some next level fitness.

Maximum Arm powering + Full Body kettlebell workout

As you know, kettlebell can be very helpful to make your arms stronger. Just to assure if you perform these arm powering exercises well, you are good to go to have some guerilla arm power, and your whole body will feel like a bull’s body. So, what are these exercises? Let’s find out,

  1. Strict press

If you want the demonstrated appropriate shoulder strength, stability and mobility—the strict press is the exceptional kettlebell exercise to learn. It may look like an overhead press, but it isn’t just the shoulders exercise, you can work your whole body if you do this thing right.

  1. Turkish Get-Up

This kettlebell exercise is slow, and have some deliberate movements that you have to follow in Turkish get up. These physical movements have been practice by Turkish ancestors to stay fit and meditate. So, you can do it by lying on the floor/matt, after that stand-up, then again lie down back, in the particular sequence of overall body movement transitions. The Turkish get-up will make you stronger to perform various functional tasks, also to perform other high-intensity exercises.

this is a bonus exercice you can do with your kettlebell

The bonus exercise

  1. Goblet squat

Want to tone your legs and that booty? Well, ladies and gentlemen, all you have to do is hold the kettlebell in front of your chest, straight and then do simple squats. Boom! You are on the right path to having a toned lower body.



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