10 abs exercises to burn belly fat in 30 days with no equipment

I know you are all frustrated of that sturdy and ugly belly fat, which just don’t go away. You can’t go to the gym but need something that can work. We will skip all the stupid exercises that don’t work a bit and take a ton of time to give you no good results at all. We have narrowed done to those specific sets of exercises that will provide you with noticeable results in just 30 days. Yes! 30 days guaranteed. These ultimate exercises will work best if you want to achieve your slim belly goals at home, without any of the gym equipment. So, let’s begin the show and guide you to achieve your dream body goals.

The guideline to use this list for best results

You have to perform every set of these exercises below for 30 seconds and to change to another set of exercise you have to take a pause of 5 to 10 seconds only not a sec more. This ultimate exercise plan is the high-intensity exercise which will give you good results. Never lose the pace of intensity in any of the exercises and do them daily. Do these sets of exercise for 2 times at least and then increase gradually.

  1. Firefighter

It like running crazy but with sophistication. Let your knee up to 90-degree match with your belly and follow the same guideline listed above.

  1. Knee in crunch

Lay down on ground or matt and get your knees up and then do sits ups while keeping your hands behind your head.

  1. Glute bridge

This exercise is very easy but quite effective for your belly as well as your butt. Lay down straight, place your hands on the ground and get your body up from your hips, don’t leave your hands from the ground.

  1. Bicycle crunch

Lie down face up with your fingertips behind your ears, the knees must bend at an exact 90-degree angle, and feet both off the ground. Lift your head and the shoulders up and off the mat. Then Bring your right elbow close to the left knee, extending your right leg out in a straight position. Then quickly reverse back the movements for the repetition on opposite side bringing your left elbow to right knee.

  1. Reverse crunch

Like the name of the exercise, lay down on the mat and attach your both feet and legs like glue. Pull them up and bring the knees close to your chest, the closest you can. It will get better with time and practice, don’t lose motivation.

  1. Mountain climbers

Lay your hands on the matt like you are about to make a pushup, keep your legs attached to each other and make a good slope of your body. Start to bring your knees closest to your chest and feel like you are climbing a mountain in speed. This is hardcore as it is cardio and bring up that heat in your body which will burn fat.

  1. Windshield Wiper

Lie down straight, open wide your arms like a bird and get both legs up and form a T of your body. Then move those legs on the side, touch the floor and take them back on other side and keep doing this.

  1. Push jacks

Same traditional push jacks, jump in the form of widening your legs away from the body while flying your hands up and down like a dragon.

  1. Superman fly

Lie down, keeping your face down on the floor and get your hands and leg as higher as you can, fly like Superman and lose that bad fat.

  1. Plank

Put your elbows on the ground, face down position and in the pushup position, stay there as long as you can and boom! That’s the end of your workout.

Do them daily for 30 days straight with a controlled diet, and you will see the difference.


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