11 moves to build your butt with no equipment

Your hips, lower back or majorly butts, are one of those critical physical parts of both male and female body that matter the most. Your butts must look toned, muscular and fit in every case. The toned butts are the maximum beauty boosters for the women. Also, butts must be toned in men as well, their butts must look hot while they wear jeans or dress pants. But, how will you be able to get them toned up without even going to the gym at all? Without no any gym instruments, you can get your butt’s fat burned and get them fit like you want them to be. We have summarised those specific sets of exercises that will burn the fat on your butt and give it a great shape without any gym equipment at all. So, let’s get right into it.

  1. Single leg hip raise

Lie down on your matt, place hands along your body and don’t get them up at all. Then, Bent your knees with your both feet on the floor and then get one leg up straight with 90 degrees and get your butt up as much as you can so you feel the muscles moving. Hold the leg for 30 seconds initial and then do the same for other leg.

  1. Plea squats with weights

Stand wide like shoulder-distance apart with your feet firm on the ground with toes turned out and dumbbells in both hands, don’t pick up heavy dumbbells. Go up onto balls of feet, while keeping your knees a little bent. Then, bend your knees 90 degrees. Straight up your legs and then repeat all of it without lowering your heels. Do 12 reps, then rest, and then repeat.

  1. Exercise ball straight-leg bridge

Put your legs on ball, while keeping your face upwards. Start pulling our butt up. Do 10 reps of it.

  1. Dumbbell squat

Pick up a dumbbell, small weights recommended and then put it close to your chest. Start doing squats.

  1. Donkey Kick

Get down like a donkey, with knees aligned under hips and your elbows under the shoulders. Then, slowly lift your right leg at 90-degrees, just slightly above your hip height. Do it for 30 seconds, then repeat on left leg.

  1. Weighted Lunges

Stand in hip-width apart style and then take right leg forward with the knee at 90 degrees. Do the same for other leg.

  1. Ball-wall sit

Put exercise ball on the wall, align your back with the ball and then sit there in the air for many seconds you can.

  1. Still and slo-mo squat

Do squats but with a twist, when you bend down to stay there for 30 seconds and then slowly get up.

  1. Superman fly

Lie down with your face down, then get your face and heads in front and up and the legs up in the air. This will put pressure on the muscles of your butt and abs as well.

  1. Lie-back cycling

Lie down on matt with face up and then put your knees up and start cycling.

  1. Straight leg donkey kick

Lie down in the plank position with your elbows touching the ground and then push off your leg away from your body. This will impact greatly on your butt, thighs and overall body due to its half plank position.


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