Nowadays, smoking is a trend all around the world and people getting harmful diseases from it continuously. According to a survey 45000 plus, people die with smoking each year. Most of the people know that it is not good for health and life will become miserable but still, they smoke. Many NGOs, social activists and health-related people try to provide awareness to the people that how smoking is harmful to your wellbeing. Still, there are a few lucky ones who want to leave smoking and stay healthy.

Here are 5 effective solutions to quit smoking

Find effective way to quite smoking

If you decided that you will leave smoking, it is not enough. You must prepare your mind, set your schedule and follow some effective techniques. For those, who really want to quit smoking, here are 5 effective ways to quit smoking:

  1. Select date and Set your Mind:
    Select the date you want to quite

First of all, you ought to choose a specific day and exact time when you are going to leave this harmful thing; carry it on until the decided day come. Do not force yourself to stop smoking before the selected day. Do not get panic about it because smoking does not give you anything good rather than giving you diseases and harms. Smoking eventually will make you the unseen slave of nicotine. While quitting smoking does not snatch anything from you, it provides you freedom, self-respect, energy and confidence.

  1. Medications:

    Do some meditation

There are some effective therapies which are especially designed for the smokers. These therapies will provide you different safer alternates of tobacco, which help in quitting process. In these therapies, the experts provide different things like inhalers, patches gums, lozenges and nasal sprays.

  • The most effective therapy is Nicotine Replacement Therapy, commonly known as NRT. By NRT the rate of quitting smoking is remarkably increasing day by day. There are some different techniques which are used with NRT for boosting the level of success.
  • Bupropion works to reduce the effects of nicotine when you leave it. You should use it for 6 to 10 months before the decided day of quitting.
  • Varenicline handle the nicotine receptors which destroy the brain functions. It decreases the symptoms of extraction nicotine.
  1. E-Cigarettes:

    Try E-cigarette

This is a useful technique for the habitual smokers and it is known by many. It will decrease the level of taking nicotine. A gentle survey says that by using E-cigarettes, you can avoid 7500 chemicals that you intake from nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are easy to use because of the low price. They directly discourse the habit of taking nicotine and get it out. You can purchase these tubes like items from any local store.

  1. Cognitive Therapy:
    Cognitive therapy, ca be really effective to quite smoking

This therapy works with the different behavioral problems for quitting smoking. It teaches different effective ways to deal with problems that you face while you are trying to quit smoking; such stress, depression and anxiety. When you use it with different medication therapies it provides you with more effective results.

  1. Make some changes:

Make some changes in your daily life to avoid smoking.

  • Do not allow anyone to smoke in your house, car and working area.
  • Change your routine
  • Stop thinking about smoking and do not take it as a serious thing and take stress about it
  • Whenever you feel urge to smoke, go outside for a walk or meet with people for another discussion

In Conclusion

Quitting smoking is a normal thing, do not take it like you are going to lose something. Make it sure that you will feel easy, independent and confidence after leaving this dangerous habit. This is just beneficial for you without taking something from you.


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