Make yoga for non flexible people

It is known that yoga is most important thing to live a healthy life, stay fresh and be active. Yoga makes your body more flexible and motivates your body parts to perform well. There is a common thought that the people who are physically fit can perform yoga properly and if someone is holding a disability, people cannot do it.

It is a silliest statement now that the non-flexible people are not able to do yoga. The time become more faster to introduce new techniques in everything same like this there are a lot of ways for non-flexible people for yoga.

Here are some techniques and 8 yoga poses for the non-flexible people:

  1. Sitting straight

Stand straight first then bend your knees slightly and sit down. Then take deep and slow breath and continue the process of inhaling and exhaling for 10 to 15 minutes through your mouth.

  1. Thread the needle pose

This pose is to be learned for the beginners as well. In this pose you will lie down on your back and take your knees up in 90-degree angle indicating towards your head. Then take your left ankle with the left thigh. Now pull you the right leg towards you with the help of your hands. After a while repeat this on the other side.

  1. Wide-legged Standing

Stand on the floor and spread your feet according to your legs distance. Bend your body forward and touch the floor with your hands. If there is difficulty to touch the surface of floor use block or something else and keep your legs tight and back flat.

  1. Legs up

In this pose you should lay down and raise your legs on a wall. Use pillow or soft cushion for the support for your back.

  1. Face down

Lie face down on the floor. Then lift up your body on your hands and toes.

  1. Warrior position

First stand straight then take a wide step to the left and extend left leg. The toe of your right foot should be on the front. After this bend your left knee to the side and spread your arms in the air. Hold this position for a while and the practice this for the right side.

  1. Tree pose

your heart and meet them together. Put all of your weight on your right leg then lift up your right foot from the floor and place it on your right knee joint. Keep breathing and stay relax.

  1. Mountain pose

This is a very simple pose for starting any yoga process. Stand straight, spread your toes and lift up your knees. Make a stress between your knees and thighs.

Wrapping it up

This was all about the yoga poses for the non-flexible people who find it difficult to perform yoga. If you are one of them then you should try these yoga poses so that you will be able to do yoga effectively and easily.

Keep practicing!


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