Auto hypnosis

Well, it is a known fact that we always find it quite difficult to break any habit that is harmful for us. We know that this habit is bad and is harmful for our wellbeing but still we are not able to break it. This question may arise in your mind that why you are not able to break this habit even if you want to break it. Now, the health experts think that this is because there is a battle going on between your subconscious and conscious mind. Now what will be the role of hypnosis here? Let us see what is its role.

88% of the functions are going on in the subconscious mind that is where hypnosis is needed. If you are the one who is struggling hard to get rid of a bad habit then try it once with hypnosis. Before taking a sleep at night you should eat some bowls of cereal. This will create a difference between your conscious and subconscious like your conscious force you to accept that you cannot reduce your weight by this act and subconscious says that you can feel safety, comfort and pleasure.

Is hypnosis effective?

Let us have a look on the factors you should know about it:

  1. Whatever you’ve seen, it is different than that

    We can say that the shows are real but they are solely for entertainment purpose. Everything shown in the shows about hypnosis is not true.

  2. No miracles

    Now this is known that hypnosis is effective, safe and it works very fast when we compare it with other therapies. But, of course it is not the one that causes miracles and the results will also not happen overnight. It takes a while to develop a habit so it will take a few weeks to break it.

  3. Who can be hypnotized

    If we say that everyone can be hypnotized, then it will not be wrong. Everyone can be hypnotized when he is willing to do so. If you are not allowing yourself to be hypnotized then you will not get the desired results.

  4. It is not the same as sleeping

    People feel that hypnosis is like that a person is in sleeping state, but this is not true about hypnosis. The mind is alert and the body is in relaxed state, a person can occasionally drift into sleep but we can’t say that this is the goal of the hypnotherapy session. Throughout the session you need to be alert enough to listen whatever is being said to you, so that you can follow the instructions more clearly.

Wrapping it up

This is all you need to know so that you can better decide whether hypnosis is for you or not. It will allow you to self-improve yourself. You can break any kind of bad habit and you can even lose weight without doing dieting. Now, if you think that you can get desired results by doing hypnosis then you should not waste time as it is the best thing you will ever do.


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