Reasons why running a small business beats owning a startup

small business beats startup

The idea of startup is not old but it is not new either. There are many people who want to become the Founders and create giants like Google or Facebook; start from the garage and be the part of the great game but it does not turn out to be the base for them and it all shatters. The idea of startup is not bad but compared to the idea of owning a small business instead is more practical. Startup is risky and it might be that the product you are trying to sell might not have the need in the market. Instead of a Startup, owning a small business is much better and it is easier to take care of since you will have less staff, less work and more productivity with less chances of you ending up bankrupt as compared to the hype of the startup. The idea of startup is glossy and attractive as compared to small business but it is a dream that might shatter.

In the world like this which is dull and full of misery, where your dreams are shattered and your struggles are not appreciated; why not reach for the idea of self-employment? Instead of reaching for something which is difficult and not your cup of tea, why not aim for something simple and more profitable? The idea of establishing a small business is not bad and you can reach success if you put energy into it.

Be True to Yourself;

be true to yourself and your customers

Let’s give attention to the elephant in the room; everyone wants to be a “Founder” and attain success and fame because there is attraction in it, compared to that the idea of small business seems stupid. Entrepreneurship is not something new, this idea has existed for a long time but it has received less attention. The times we live in are the ones where people who get a startup and become successful makes people hopeful that they can do that as well; no matter how bad their idea would be and they end up beaten and in loss.

Why a Small Business?

why is it better to make a small business

            A startup is when you are funded by an investor for creating a product and if it sells, you can pay back the money while if you own a small business it is easier to manage and you invest into it from your own pocket.

Profit and Loss?

what are the profit margin

            Imagine your startup idea does not sell and it fails, what will happen then? You will end up bankrupt and you will be in debt to those investors. In a small business, it is your own money and your own business, so there are less chances of that happening.

At the end of the day, it is your choice what you want to gain and where your expertise lie. Starting a small business is a good option and if you want to expand it someday, you will not have a problem since you will be wiser and more experienced.

Wrapping it up

Now, you know that how running a small business beats owning a startup. Whether you are running a small business or owning a startup, you have all the pros and cons in mind. You can decide better now, pretty much easy, isn’t it?


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