Try to keep your remote team together

Considering the facts it is very evident that we are going to see more talented and competitive remote team leaders in the future. If we compare the figures with the year 2005 we see a growth of 81% of the remote workers. Only in the U.S around 34 million people are doing work from their homes and it is evidently going to increase in the near future. It is also to be considered that the team you are working with is not in front of you meaning that you are not seeing them every day. The only thing that can make you a better team leader is to make the effective communication possible.

Tips to make sure the effective team:

It is suggested to hire people with a smart mind, you do not have to choose the team depending on the resume because anyone can make a beautiful story like resume. You have to make sure to hire the team member depending on the skill he or she has to offer and how they do the work practically.

After hiring you have to build a two-way trust relationship because it is not going to work without it. In order to do that the suggestion is to arrange a meet up if possible, if not then communication on daily basis is important. One can lose their interest if there is no effective communication and trust.

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12 ways to keep the remote team together:

1.     In person meeting are a key to success, manage to meet twice or at least once in a year by conducting some fun activities or official activities. There can be dinners or workshops, conferences to make the meetup interesting.

2.      Video conferencing is an effective option too, all the workers can have meetings and talks by video chatting. You as a leader should be involved in such meetings.

3.      Building trust and patience with in yourself is also important because if you lose patience over anything you lose a member maybe.

4.      Make sure that there is a continuous communication, otherwise it might cause trouble.

5.      Keep a track of everything possible even the video calls.

6.      You have to work as a motivator of the team, if anyone lacks interest you have to focus on that and keep all off the members connected.

7.      Try to learn languages or adopt a language both of the sides understand.

8.      Make yourself and your team to set a goal and focus on that.

9.      Identify the skills and talents of your workers that leads to keep the team together.

10.  Make a chat room that is open all the time that if necessary anyone can leave a message there and you make sure to check it.

11.   Keep a session weekly to take suggestions from the workers and try to improve it.

12.   Make sure to take attendance and keep a record of all the team members.

Wrapping it up

Sometimes you will have no clue about what your remote team is doing, it is your duty to make sure that the remote team stays in control because sometimes it happens that for a while the performance of the team is extraordinary but after a while the quality of work would not be the same. You might get frustrated due to the lack of communication with all the team members. But obviously after a while along with experience you come to know a lot more about the strategies of how to communicate effectively to ensure the productive results.


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