the top best AR app

The AR technology has become so famous in the recent years and it is like a magnet that is attracting all the gamers as well as the business organizations towards it. All the organizations and game developers wants their hand on this technology to create the apps and games. All the consumers are also highly impressed by the games with the augmented reality. The people who take their time out of the busy schedule to play games do not want to waste their time on finding the game that is worth playing so here is a list of 10 games and apps available for IOS and android:

Top 10 augmented reality apps available on IOS and android:

  1. Google Translate

    The Google translate, as the name indicates it is developed by Google. It is a multilingual machine and is cost free. It helps the consumer to translate one language into another. Available for both the Android and IOS. It supports more than 100 languages and is able to translate around 27 languages in augmented reality mode.

  2. Pokemon GO
    Who does not know about Pokémon GO! Considered as one of the best AR app available both for android and IOS.
  3.    Amikasa – 3D Floor Planner

    Amikasa – 3D Floor Planner with Augmented Reality, available for the IOS users that offers you to design the interior of your house however you want.
  4.      World brush

    World brush is another app that is available for IOS users that helps to transform the Photoshop images, you can make changes by using its advanced features.
  5.     Magic plan

    Magic plan that is available for both the users of IOS and Android. It is especially designed for the people related to architect, craftsman etc. Basically, designed for floor planning.
  6.    Zombie Gunship Revenant AR
    Zombie Gunship Revenant AR is designed for the IOS that allows the users to experience the realistic intense fight. You have the option to destroy the enemies that are zombies from the sky by taking the control of a helicopter gunship.
  7.      Temple treasure hunt

    Temple treasure hunt that is based upon mystery and myth, if you are a fan of mysteries you have to give it a try. You can play the game while staying in the room or outside. In this game you are the boss, you choose your character either you want to be a protector or a hunter.
  8.      Snapchat

    Snapchat, an app that is used by millions of people around the world. Both the IOS and android can use it. Its filters have an effect of augmented reality and many more in its features.
  9.    YouCam Makeup

    has to offer a lot of features and options for the girls, it allows to try a lot of known brands shades in makeup.
  10.     Star Chart

    Star Chart is for the people that are interested in astronomy and stuff like that, it is all about stars. It even tells the location according to the stars.

Wrapping it up:

Whether you are a IOS or Android user you do not have to worry AR technology apps are available on both, it has changed the virtual reality game. There is no business organization that does not wants to get their hands on this amazing technology.


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