Discover what is google home

The way normally people ask question to the Google Home is by the wake words like Hello, hey Google or just give a direct command. After all that a female voice responds to whatever you have asked, you just have to tell what do you want it to answer a. It can be any specific question like you need a word’s definition or you want to set the timer. It can possibly do anything for you. Let’s have a look at five questions that people ask to Google home.

5 questions everyone ask to Google Home

5 questions that everyone should ask to google home:

  1.      Your left things: Did you know that Google home can actually help you with the things you forgot and left somewhere, it helps you remember. Like for instance if you command it to remember that where you left your passport in case you forgot it will remind you whatever you said. People normally ask for their passwords, codes, numbers etc.
  2.      Sounds: In case you want to entertain your kids, you can take help from Google Home. It can play the sounds of animals, vehicles etc. For instance, if you ask the google home that what does a train sound is like?
  3.      Play a song: Google home can assist you find a specific song for you, either you tell it to play a song it will do it for you. For instance, you say Google find me the song that has the “I want you go miles with me” lyrics in it. Even if you know that exact title but you just give it a hint it will find it for you.
  4.      Play games: You just have to name a game and ask it to the Google home and you can find it and play it. It has made it easier for you, that you ask for trending games or most played games suggestions as well.
  5.      Rates of the flight: The Google Home can actually help you with the cost of flights like you just have to ask what you need to know about.

Wrapping it up:

The Google home is informative and is formally helping you with everything, but there is a fun side to it too. Do not forget to check that, you can try asking the funny questions and wait for its response.



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