improve your study with 5 good routine to follow

If you are a high school or college student, you definitely want to boost your productivity in your everyday studies. This is the time when you want to put in as much hard work as possible to build a better future for yourself. You must make so many plans every night before you go to sleep but all goes to vain the next morning. The reason is that most people; especially students, don’t have a great morning routine. In the following article, we discuss how you may improve your morning routines for a boost in your daily success.

5 Morning Routines for Better Productivity

Here are 5 routines you can make part of your morning to boost your day to day productivity and making your study time more effective:

1.   Hydration

enjoy drinking water

Drinking water in the morning is actually a commonly recommended tip by medical experts. It has many health benefits and boosting your brain power is one them.

Why is Water Good for Brain?

If you don’t drink water, your brain can have poor short-term memory and a lack of focus. If you drink water in the morning, you will enhance your brain’s power and your mood as well. Therefore, your day will begin with a better approach towards your studies.

2.   Light Exercise

enjoy morning Yoga


The best way you can wake up both your brain and body is to stretch lightly in the morning. You definitely feel a certain tiredness when your first wake up and some stretching of the muscles will get you going.

Why Early Morning Exercise?

When we sleep, our muscles have been inactive for the duration of the night. Early morning exercise is a great way to get them moving. Tight muscles can make you unable to study despite your brain being ready.

3.   Eating Protein

protein meal makes you healthy

When they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, please take that into consideration.

What Should be in Your Breakfast?

Your breakfast should be rich in proteins, which are immensely fulfilling. They convert into energy; boosting your brain power. They also take more time to digest which delays sleep.

4.   Enjoy the Morning Light

take a morning light bath

Many people have begun to use blackout curtains so they don’t have the morning sun entering brightly into their room. But you should actually welcome it.

The Science of Light

Your brain interprets light and sends your body signals to either wake up or sleep. So when the light is dim or it is dark, your body automatically feels the need to sleep.

5.   Positivity

be positive in your thinking

Harness positive feelings when you first wake up in the morning. Feel gratitude that you have woken another day and that you have the opportunity to accomplish your goals.

Positivity Boosts Brain

When you start believing that you can do something, you will automatically feel energised and motivated to meet your daily goals

In conclusion, the way you go about your morning can decide the mood of your entire day.


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