During student life, every person wishes they had the best memory and focus. Studies are tough and get even tougher as you go to college and university. Therefore, better memory and focus becomes a necessity to succeed in your daily and annual study goals. There are many individuals who are naturally blessed with good memory and focus while others will struggle. There is no need to feel demotivated because you can definitely improve if you follow the following tips:

1.      Eating the Right Food

Improve focus by eating properly

The important of food can’t be emphasized enough. Many students will eat more junk food than healthy food. Your body is definitely going to retaliate if it lacks the essential nutrients. For brain health, try the brain foods.

2.      No Compromise on Sleep

Sleep properly to be fresh every morning

Students may often skip on sleep or pull all-nighters. This is an unhealthy habit that needs to be broken. A lack of sleep not only makes the body fatigued but your brain becomes lethargic as well.

3.      Add Meditation to Routine

enjoy the benefit of meditation

Stress levels are pretty high during the student life. There are so many expectations to meet and too many goals to fulfill. It is okay if you want to tone it down a bit. Indulging in even a few minutes of meditation can help cut down the excessive stress.

4.      Indulge in Exercise

enjoy daily exercises

Take time out for daily exercise. It helps circulate oxygen towards your brain. This supports cell growth, which will make your memory function better.

5.      Brain Stimulating Games

stimulate your brain with game

Ever solved a brain teaser and realized that you were harnessing such great brain power? You can use brain games to improve the memory function and ability to focus. These games are specifically formulated to activate the brain.

6.      Learn by Writing

write for learning

It is proven that you learn more by writing. You may not have a very good memory naturally. However, learning something and then writing it down helps retain it in your mind for longer.

7.      Power Naps

do power nap often

Most schools and colleges are asking too much of their students. It often leaves them tired and demotivated despite following healthy routines. A great way to keep yourself active is power naps.

The Right Way to Nap

Don’t sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. Otherwise, it will leave you groggy.

8.      Hear Music

listen to music to improve focus

Every individual has their own type of favorite music. Well, you can use this hobby for better memory and focus instead of just entertainment. What kind of music is really best for focusing may vary from student to student.

9.      Chew Gum

eat chewing gum

It seems like a minor thing but many students swear by this method. It has been reported that chewing gum helps concentrate during audio and visual tasks.

10. Stress Less

try to stress less

It is totally understandable when you feel too overwhelmed by the studies. However, the more you think, the more focus you will lose. Instead of studying all the time, do spend some time living your life too.

Your memory and focus can be improved greatly if you add these methods to your life.


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